I.U.E.C. Local 34

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We are the International Union of Elevator Constructors Local 34. We serve most of Indiana.

We are located at:

2206 E Werges Ave. 
Indianapolis, IN  46237
(317) 536-8173

Fax (317) 217-1961

The Business Agent is Todd Albertson.

Local 34 is committed to the organization of all elevator constructors within our area.  If you are currently employed within the elevator industry and would like more information, please contact the National Organizer, Joe DuPont at (303) 884-5679 or iuec25@qwestoffice.net.  We will maintain strict confidence!  You can also submit your experience here: https://www.iuec.org/index.php/join-iuec/

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Business Manager - Todd Albertson 21-23
President - Damon Bledsoe 20-22
Vice-President - Ryan Dickie 21-23
Recording Secretary - Shannon Allen 19-21
Financial Secretary - Justin Albertson 19-21
Treasurer - Carl Youngstafel 21-23
Trustees (3)
    Darrel Nuggent 19-21
    Nathan Corey 20-22
    Vincent Copass 21-23
Warden - Joe Carlton 20-22
Correspondent to the Journal - Damon Bledsoe 19-21
Executive Board members
    Damon Bledsoe - President
    Shannon Allen - Recording Secretary
    Carl Youngstafel - Treasurer
    Brady Furgenson 19-21
    Joe Jenson 19-21
    John Knapp 20-22
    Scott Palmer 20-22
    Brian Palmer 21-23
    Kevin Knicley 21-23

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