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There are two ways to access your email account.

The first way is to log into and then click on either of the Mail Clients.
Your user name is your entire email address.
You can also change your password here.

If you have forgotten your password, click here so that it can be reset it.
Keep in mind that your email on the web is limited to 2 MB of space.
It is better if you use Outlook Express or Thunderbird so that your mail box does no fill up.

EMail Utilities
SQWebMail - mail client
IMP - mail client
Change your POP3 password

The second way to access your email account is by setting up a mail client.

Outlook Express Example:

Select Tools | Accounts

Now click on the Mail tab and choose Add | Mail

Fill in Your Name and choose Next

Now fill your complete email address

Now fill in the POP3 information and push next

Now fill in the account name (your complete email address) and your password and push next

The last step to push the Finish button.

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