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A College Degree is Closer than You Think


Innovative Internet-based Program Offers NEIEP Apprentices and Mechanics an Opportunity to Earn an A.A.S. Degree

Attention Apprentices and Journeypersons:

Under an innovative program, apprentices and journeypersons can now earn a degree from Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana by enrolling in Internet-delivered general education courses.

Under this unique program, apprentices enrolled in joint apprenticeship training programs can earn an Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) Degree. The opportunity also exists for journeypersons, who can earn a two-year degree by enrolling in as little as 5 courses to earn residency status. And for those who wish to proceed further in higher education, students can transfer their degrees to the National Labor College in Silver Spring, Maryland, and ultimately earn a four-year degree.

Ivy Tech Community College is Indianaís second largest and fastest growing public college system. Established in 1963, the collegeís primary mission is to train and develop the stateís workforce. The College has developed a strong working relationship with union Building Trades programs throughout Indiana, and is currently providing instruction to 6,000 building trade apprentices in twelve different trades.

Why Earn A Degree? Itís a fact of life that a college degree is a ticket to a better future. Numerous research studies confirm that workers with two-year degrees earn much more than those without. And those who go on to earn a four-year degree earn even more. Further, college-degrees provide the skills and basic knowledge to help workers cope with the ever-changing needs of the workplace. Your Journeypersonís Card says that you know your industry, the addition of a college degree will allow you more career choices within your industry.

Itís Affordable. Thanks to this unique partnership, the cost of earning a degree is very reasonable. Student fees have been waived for JATC directed courses. Apprentice students will register for trade courses on a semester basis at no cost.

For More Information. To learn more about the degree requirements and other information, you can access the Ivy Techís web site: http://www.ivytech.edu/apprentice or you can call Mary Montgomery at 317-921-4865.


Ivy Tech Community College
National Elevator Industry Educational Program (NEIEP)
A.A.S. Degree Articulation
Operating Principles

Keep it Simple:

bulletIvy Tech will recognize all national standard curriculum delivered by the JATC meeting national standards.
bulletLeverages the educational components delivered by each partner without diluting the content or compromising the technical program delivered in each local JATC.
bulletAdds general educational courses to a technical core to complete a well-rounded program.

Woven Fabric of Articulation:

bulletApprentice students are enrolled in Ivy Tech from day one of the apprenticeship program for all JATC delivered courses.
bulletIvy Tech will review transcripts and award credits to participants who have prior collegiate experience or JATC program classes prior to enrolling in the degree program.


Following are required documents and information in order to be accepted into and/or graduate from the AAS degree articulated with the National Elevator Industry Educational Program (NEIEP):

bullet1. Ivy Tech Application for Admissions
bullet2. Copy of official high school transcript (with seal); or GED equivalent
bullet3. Verification from NEIEP (in print form) that you have successfully completed the Mechanics exam
bullet4. Any other college transcripts or proof of training that you would like considered for prior learning assessment

Note: An online admission is not available for this program since this is a closed training program. Documents should be mailed directly to Mary Montgomery at the address listed below.

Course Registration

We currently accept open registration times for this program. Semester start dates are typically announced on our website: www.ivytech.edu/apprentice. The dates do not necessarily coincide with our other College programs.

Registration forms may be mailed or faxed (information below). Payment is expected upon registration. If you are a sponsored pay by UTC Ld., you must submit their approval for payment form from the UTC portal indicating that they will pay for the person registering. Failure to do so will result in being dropped from the course.


Upon completion of all course requirements, you may apply for graduation by completing the graduation request form. You may obtain this form by contacting the College. All required documents must be present and all course fees must be satisfied prior to graduation being approved. You will receive a diploma certificate and 2 copies of your official transcripts via mail.

Contact Information:

Mary Montgomery
Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana
50 West Fall Creek Parkway North Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46208
mmontgom@ivytech.edu; phone: 317-921-4865; fax: 317-925-6001


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